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Have you ever been told that the magic ingredient to entrepreneur success is consistency?

Do you ever see multi-6-figure entrepreneurs just saying, “If I’m just consistent in doing what I do, my potential clients will come to me”? No.

Do you ever get a content planning calendar and the only question on there to guide your process is how many days per week do you want to post content? No.

So why do we continue to share this myth that consistency is the path to success as an entrepreneur? Why do so many of us, myself included at times, focus 100% on just getting content out there a specific number of times per week? 

Clearly the most successful entrepreneurs out there aren’t keeping a running tab on the number of posts they or their team is posting each week. 

If you continue to keep tabs on the number of posts, the number of reels or carousel posts you make, the number of times you email your list of subscribers, you will likely not have anything to show for all of that consistency.

So what do successful entrepreneurs do instead? They shift their definition of consistency.

What Does Consistency Mean?

According to dictionary.com, consistency is a “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.” Is it any wonder that entrepreneurs who use this traditional definition of consistency in its most rigid form don’t make progress, can’t seem to find flow in their business that generates creativity and growth, or end up plateaued in their progress?

No, the idea that we would steadfastly adhere to something means that we aren’t going to bend, flex, or shift, unless we shift the meaning of consistency. 

The New Way of Thinking

So what do those successful entrepreneurs do instead? They redefine how they use consistency in their business, beginning with Idea 1, which is to steadfastly adhere to innovation.

When you are able to make innovation the centerpiece of your business, you get to try out new approaches consistently. You get to try out messaging, consistently. You get to adapt your offer to the needs of the economy and your potential clients, consistently.

You see where I’m going here? Consistency can be reimagined as a commitment to innovation.

What does that look like in your business? You might try a new cover image for your podcast episodes, you might explore three different approaches to getting your content scheduled each week, you could look at what everyone else is doing and become a beacon of uniqueness. You might do something completely different because everyone else is missing the boat!

It doesn’t end there. Idea 2 is that consistency can also be reimagined as a steadfast adherence to looking at the data to make adjustments. This means that, yes an entrepreneur might be posting 5 times a week, but if the data suggests three is better they shift. If the data suggests that more carousel posts than reels are needed right now, they adapt to that data. It becomes less about just putting out content 5 days a week for example, and more about using what you are learning from that data to make adjustments.

If you are new to creating content, then at the beginning you might focus on simply getting a lot of content out there because that is a prerequisite to getting data to analyze. Just keep in mind that the idea here is to get to the point where you have data to use for decision-making. The end goal is not simply a number of posts per week.

Finally, Idea 3 is that consistency can be reimagined as a steadfast adherence to generating time blocks for flow and mindset work. Too often we view the word consistency as a hard number or something concrete. Something measurable and visible. Consistency can be about saving time in your schedule to do the invisible work as well. 

When you save time for shifting your mindset, feeding your mindset, and practicing mindset then the innovation and ability to see what the data is saying comes more easily. The same is true when you create blocks for flow to happen. If you can get into flow, you will more easily innovate. You will come up with new ideas, new approaches, new content, and new ways to connect with and serve your clients.

The key isn’t to throw out the idea of consistency, it is to shift your perspective in how you think about the definition of consistency. 

Action Item

So let me ask you, do you want to continue focusing your consistency efforts on the number of posts per week, or are you ready to stand out and adopt the same approach to consistency that most successful entrepreneurs use day in and day out? 

If you are ready to take action, here are a few things you can do this week to adopt a new definition of consistency. Take a look at what you are currently doing that just checks off the boxes in your business. When I’m working with course creators, often this is a number of posts per week, which is why I’ve used that example in today’s episode. It might also be getting a certain number of modules recorded, or a number of 1:1 reach-outs to potential clients.

These are all important things in your business, but they won’t help you stand out from the crowd of entrepreneurs. If you are ready to stand out, look at how you can innovate, how you can use the data, and how you can find time for mindset work and flow this week. 

For most, this shift is not one that feels easy. It is a bit like going through turbulence while on an airplane. Disorienting, bumpy, and downright scary. It is different. For so long we have been taught that consistency is often a tangible thing, a number, and that is what is important.

This is your opportunity to choose one way you’d like to do something different from the crowd this week. Look for what others are not talking about that YOU know is key. You can let your data guide you in this, but if you are innovating, you might not have data yet. Don’t let that stop you!

Take time for your mindset. This might mean reading a book on mindset, if mindset work is new. It could mean journaling. 


Consistency as we often define it, is not the boon to business that we often expect it to be. I have never seen an entrepreneur jump for joy because their business turned profitable simply because they consistently posted.

Instead, they have consistently innovated, consistently used the data to make adjustments, and have consistently focused on mindset and flow in their business.

These are all things that I work with my private clients on. It is something that we all need help with on a daily and weekly basis. It is tough to set aside those engrained ways of thinking and shift to a new definition of consistency.

If you found this episode helpful, share it with a fellow entrepreneur. You can screenshot your phone and post it to stories with your number one take-away, you can text it to a friend who has been struggling to make progress and has been consistent in the traditional sense. You can even save this episode to listen to again when you get stuck in consistency.

I’ll see you back here next week for another episode of the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, where we focus on mentoring, community and implementation. It’s all about taking action so that we can remove the overwhelm of building a successful and profitable business and add in a little dose of momentum.

Until next time, have a healthy, safe, and happy week.

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