#57: Live Mentoring: Finding Your Rhythm

Podcast Intro

Welcome to a new series here on the coaching hive podcast. Before I share today’s really special episode, I’d like to take a moment just to share a little bit about the series, because it is different from anything that you’ve heard here before through the month of March, you will have a chance to sit in on a series of mentoring calls that I have with one of our Coaching Hive members, Julie.

Julie is right at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. And as you’ll hear, in fact, she’s in the second week of her entrepreneurial journey, this is an exciting time in any health coaching business and Julie’s business is no exception. The conversations that you hear will be snippets from larger conversations and topics that we’re discussing, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek, a little bit of a window into what it’s like to get started as a health coach, entrepreneur, and how to make use of a mentor. As we jumped into this conversation, I’d like you to reflect on what it would bring to your health coaching business, to have someone with whom you can regularly sit down where you explore ideas, ask questions, work through challenges and set intentions.

Now with our theme of simplicity, clarity, and vision for 2022 in mind, let’s jump in.

Conversation with Coach Julie

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I wonder if we can kind of start by you telling me just a little bit about your business. I know that you are just getting started. You just moved from being kind of part-time on the side,

thinking about it to being that full-time entrepreneur. So catch me up and tell me a little bit about your business and what it’s going to look like, what you want for it. Okay. So, yeah, so it’s just a matter of going from having a little bit of time during the day to do my business to now a full time being able to do my business.

So it was from doing a little bit here and there and really took me about a year to figure out what I wanted it to look like and what it could be moving into a full-time role. So it’s more of now a reality of, okay, I’ve set my plan in place. I’ve done all the things. The website is up. I have my packages in place.

I have my pricing in place. I do have clients. Now the next step is really continuing the awareness of my business and to grow that so that people know I’m here and what I’m doing, and then also to naturally grow clients. And I’m really, I’m not as focused right now on the quantitative goals. As I am the qualitative goals, I feel that’s better for me and doesn’t cause me as much stress and anxiety of thinking.

I have to hit this number. I have to hit this number. And if I don’t hit this number, oh my gosh, what’s going to happen. So I’m really taking the approach of qualitative goals and qualitative measures of am I doing X number of posts every week? Am I posting to the social pages in my area? Am I emailing people? Am I talking to my center of influences to let them know what I’m doing?

Am I reaching out to doctors? Am I going to all of my networking events? So even Bible study, I’m in a Bible study. So letting them know what I’m doing. So that’s really the focus I’m taking right now. Cause not everybody knows about my business, right? So it’s really hard to put a quantity or a quantitative goal on, I need to get 10 customers in the next two months when I don’t know that that many people know about me yet.

So that’s really the direction I’m taking for this first three months is just doing as much PR work for my business as much branding work for my business because everybody associates me with my old company. And so now I’m letting them know, Hey, you need to change my email address. This is what I’m doing. You know, this is what my structure looks like right now.

So that’s really what I’m focused on for the next three months. Okay. So really building those deeper relationships. Yes. Okay. Yeah. I love that. I’ve had, I have noticed that when coaches focus on consistency and focus on deep relationships, really knowing where they want to be and then building those relationships, that’s when the magic starts to happen because we can post on social media,

right? You can post day in, day out and nothing happens. It’s because we’re not actually creating those deeper relationships. So to hear you talk about going to networking, talking about it, when you meet new people or even people that you already know, when you think about sharing it at Bible study, yes. You’re bringing more people into those relationships.

Yeah. Or even something as simple. Like I did a custom phone case. There you go. You know, but that’s, my background also is marketing, right? I’ve done marketing for 20 plus years and I’ve done it for fortune 500 companies. And so now I’m learning how to do it for myself and which is really hard. It’s hard to talk about yourself and what you’re doing in all of the things.

So I was like, okay, you always carry your phone around. And when you’re in meetings, you always turn it face down. Right. So really just trying to take advantage of all of those small things that people may say, Hey, what is, what is that? And then it gives me the opportunity to talk about my business. So,

okay. So when you think about that, what do you feel like is the biggest challenge right now? Just with your business in general, I know we were chatting a little bit before we got on here. And you said, you know, finding that rhythm is really one of the big things that’s challenging. So do you want to tell me a little bit more about that?

And maybe we can figure out, especially since you’re just getting started with this full-time approach, making that work sooner rather than later. So the rhythm is one of the things I am a very type, a OCD person that makes lists and I check off the list and I do all the things, but it’s really easy when you’re doing it for yourself and you’re holding yourself accountable and no one else is holding you accountable to kind of push something to the side,

if you don’t want to do it. So starting this week, I’ve really, I’m making a very intentional effort to make my, to do list. And I’ve never been a block scheduler at all. Like I have my to do list and I mark things off, but I really think I’m going to try to do some block scheduling. So from, you know,

10 to 12 every morning, I’m going to spend time making, you know, finding my center of influences or reaching out to doctors or reaching out to schedule meetings, go have coffee, something like that. Because I feel like if I say I’m doing it from 10 to 12, and then I close everything else out, then I have to do it from 10 to 12,

but I have to hold myself accountable to that as well. So that’s, that’s the main thing is being able to say, Hey, I’m going to do this. I’m going to hold myself accountable. We’re going to do it. That’s the main thing is just kind of funding my rhythm right now. And then once I get my rhythm in place, then it’s hopefully will be a little bit smoother.

It’s just very different than, than anything else. Cause I did it as we talked previously, I did this kind of part-time on the side. So I was going to work full-time from eight to three or three 30 and I was training in the mornings or coaching in the mornings. And so that holds you accountable, right? When you’ve gotta be at the client’s house at five 30 to train them,

you’re up at 4 45 and you’re out their house and then you’re training and you’re coming home and you’re doing all your things and then going to work and doing all your things at work and then coming home and doing all your evening things while I’m still training at five 30 in the morning. But when I come home, it’s really easy to go. I don’t,

I don’t have to shower today or I don’t have to do That. I can look through Facebook for an hour or let’s look for fun recipes for an hour when that’s really not what I need to focus on right now. So yeah, that’s what I’ve got to be really diligent about. So do you feel like you talked about a couple of things, having that to do list and really committing to it.

You talked about block scheduling in there. Yes. And kind of committing to also getting ready. Yes. I heard that shower in there. Yes. So when you’re getting up and you’re finding that rhythm, you’re going and training super early in the morning, you’re getting that done. You come home and the day starts. Yes. What’s that going to look like?

It’s going to mean you doing what So me doing gutting, get my daughter up and she starts getting ready for school. My husband is up. He’s getting ready for work. I’m packing lunch. I’m getting breakfast ready. I’m typically getting eating at that point as well. I’m usually scanning through my emails to see if there’s anything going on. And then once they’re out the door,

then it’s, you know, I need to get ready and do my things. I’m also, I need to work in work out time for myself. Cause we haven’t talked about this yet, but I’m one of my goals is to prep myself for a fitness and lifestyle photo shoot, building a portfolio to submit to agencies for like print photography and things like that.

So I have to fit that into my schedule as well for working out myself. So on the days I train clients, it may be, once I get everybody out the door, then I go do my workout. I do my Peloton workout. I do my treadmill workout. I do a hit workout, whatever, go get in the shower, get ready and then kind of get my day started.

And then on the days that I don’t train a client at five 30, I still need to get up and I need to do my workout at that point. Yep. Okay. Do you feel like that would work for You? It’s going to be a challenge. I’m not going to lie. It’s hilarious because I can get up at 4 45 when I have to train a client,

but I’m working out myself again. It’s the no, Just snooze and pull the covers back up over your head, right? Is that Yes. And so that is, that’s going to have to be very, I’m gonna have to be very vigilant about that and I need to be very intentional about it because it is, I’m doing it on other days.

I can do it on the days. I don’t, I need to be my own trainer right There, right there. That’s me, the client. And I need to do my thing cause I can do it. I mean, I don’t have a problem. So my days are gonna look a little bit differently. Cause I, Monday, Wednesday and Friday,

I don’t train a client at five 30 on Tuesday, Thursdays. I do. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’ll have a schedule in Tuesday, Thursday. I have a schedule is kind of how I’ve looked at it right now and walk my time, how I need to block my time accordingly. But I need to, I need to be as important as my client.

Absolutely. I agree. 100%. And that idea of having a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then a Tuesday, Thursday schedule, a lot of people have those kinds of schedules. I would recommend making some kind of printout that has your schedule for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a schedule for Tuesday, Thursday that you can post somewhere and also letting your family see it.

Yes. So they know what you’ve got going on because they’re better. They’re better able to support you in that early get up perhaps to make sure that you’re out of the, out of the bedroom to go work out for yourself. Right? Well, my husband has said, he’s going to do the workouts with me. Okay. When I have to get up,

he’s going to get up and work out with me. And then on the days I go train, he’s going to still get up and work out as well. So we’re So you guys can give each other a friendly nudge in the morning to get out. Yes. So that’s the plan right now. We talked about it this weekend and that’s our So,

okay. So you’re going to make sure that working out is a priority. The days that you are not training, you’re going to make yourself your client. You’re going to get up early. The days that you do train, you’re going to come home. You’re going to get everyone ready out the door and then you’re going to do your workout and then start your day as planned.

How would that feel to have that? What, what happens because you make that snippet of the day work in that way, what happens? I feel like the rest, I feel like I’m honoring a schedule and I’m honoring my goals and I’m my business and what I want to achieve. Because if I don’t, if I don’t do it things aren’t going to get done and I keep putting them off.

And that’s not, that’s not fair to the work that I’ve put in to what I want to do. It’s not fair to my family who is sacrificing for me to be able to do this. So it’s, it’s one of those things that needs to happen to achieve what I want to achieve. And it’s a hundred percent doable, a hundred percent doable.

There’s no obstacles. There’s no other job that I have to go to. There’s nothing. Okay. It’s doable. I just have to do it. Okay. What is going to make you do it? Oh, that’s, you know, that’s the whole Question, right? That’s the internal motivation of, I can’t let myself down. I’ve worked really hard for two years or over two years,

probably I started my master’s certification in 2019 and I’ve put a lot of time and effort and energy into this and it truly is a passion of mine and I have to, it’s something I need to do. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel proud to, to do those things. So yeah, I mean, at the end of the day,

I think I’m going to feel really good about it and say, Hey, I did it. I, you know, I did my master’s certification. I’ve built the business, I’ve done all these things. So now this is one more thing that I can do. Okay. So can I ask you to kind of think forward three months, what happens?

How are you feeling? What’s it like three months from now? When you have committed, you’ve been doing this for three months. You have routinely gotten up, you’re exercising or you’re exercising after you get everyone out of the house for the day. And you’re doing that very consistently. And by consistently, I mean four out of the five days it’s working the way you want it to work.

Right. We’re not perfect. Things happen, right. What’s it like in three months when you’ve been doing that? I think it’s it’s becomes my lifestyle, right? I mean, that’s what I coach my clients on is it’s not gonna not going to be perfect. Just like you said, it’s you can’t, you can’t sacrifice things. What is the right work?

You can’t sacrifice things to make things perfect because then I think you start beating yourself up. So giving yourself some grace and knowing that it’s not going to be perfect, but this is my plan. But I think after three months, then it becomes a lifestyle. Like this is just what I’m going to do. This is what I do every day. This is what happens.

And on those days that I have a hiccup, I give myself a little grace and say, it’s okay, it’s going to happen. And maybe I didn’t get a workout in at nine 30 because, oh, I’ve got a new client now and I need to go train my client. So then I do my workout in the evenings or I adjust. But I think it’s one of those things of,

I will feel proud and I will feel like I’ve accomplished what I need to when I’m doing what I’m coaching my clients to do. In essence, it becomes part of your business. It becomes part of your, so just like you, might’ve gone to the office from eight to five, it is and done all of your work and it was your to-do tasks.

And you had your annual review on these things that you used to do at the office right now. This workout. It becomes part of that. Yes. Yes. So it was really funny. I don’t know. I drink every morning. And have you ever had trivia the little packets of like, I know what you’re talking about. Yeah. So one of the things I love on the back of the packets,

there’s always a saying or like some type of it’s. I love them. Like I would use Truvia just for these sayings every day, but this was mine today. Be what you love, what you Love. And so I CA I keep these it’s really random. I know, but it’s just like people packing it. It’s super random, but this is it.

I think that answers your question, like be what you love and that’s, I have a passion for it. I love it. Or we wouldn’t do what we do. Right. Right. So being what I love. Okay. I think that kinda sums it up. I think so, but this one goes on my bulletin board next to my desk.

Perfect. And maybe even as a screensaver somewhere, if you’ve got a flow of pictures that go through a screensaver, that can be one of them, any of those little moments that you can just build into your daily, just who you are and what you see and what you read. Yes. Just build that in. Absolutely. Okay. So if we’re thinking rhythm and you’ve got the morning kind of situated,

it’s really about making sure that you get yourself off to the best start for the day. It’s really about making sure that when you sit down your mind, isn’t wandering about, oh my gosh, I should’ve worked out, oh, I should have done this. Oh, you’re ready. You, you know, exercise also brings us that calm of brain and mind and body.

Yes. So now you’re sitting down and you’re thinking blocking your time. Now I, I know that sometimes I move things that I don’t want to do. I just kind of keep shuffling, shuffling, shuffling, and I’m sure you probably do the same too sometimes. So when you think about blocking your time, how are you going to stay focused in those two hours?

If that two hour block or that one hour block, whatever it looks like is something that, oh, it’s something you would love to just shove on down the road and wait for a little while. How are you going to stay in that? I think it’s one of those things of no mind that it’s something that has to be done and needs to be done to grow my business and move my business forward.

And if I keep pushing it off or keep pushing it down the to-do list, then my business isn’t going to grow or people aren’t going to know about me. It’s just, it’s one of those things that has to be done to be able to get to the next step that I want to get to. And I’m really good at internally, motivating myself of if this is my goal and these,

the things I have to do to get to that goal, I’m really, I’m really good at really sticking to it. So that’s why I say for the, for the first three months, and I’ve set, that’s the only quantitative goal I’ve set on myself is for three months, these are the things I’m going to do. And then after those, the next three months,

I’ll set another goal. But it’s, that’s my goal for the three months, I’ve got to do these certain things and this is my focus. And then it becomes my rhythm. And then I can start moving into the next segment of three months. So it’s more of an intrinsic thing for me. Like I have to hold myself accountable and I honestly,

I’m really good at that once I have my plan. Okay. So I wonder if we could kind of explore one thing that comes to mind. What if instead of having every Tuesday, 10 to 12 is when you call doctors and make connections and everything, what if you had like a two week set of things you wanted to get done and you kind of write down how long they take.

So if you want to do this task, it’s going to take me an hour and a half. I know it takes me an hour and a half every time and you get better at estimating with practice, right? But you have this list of things and it’s not necessarily by the day, but it’s a list of things for two weeks and you can’t do anything else.

You can’t do the fun stuff that maybe I could get done, but really it’s fine. If it waits two more weeks, there’s no urgency there. Right? So having that list of two weeks or a week, if it works better and then each day truly seeing, what’s kind of working with your energy and working with where your head spaces that day and choosing a task from that dedicated list for the week or two weeks,

and working on that for your block, knowing that it’s blocked. But now there’s a little bit more flexibility. Sometimes you sit down and you go, this is, I don’t want to call anyone. I don’t want to talk to anyone today. I have no desire, right. Because when you’re in that kind of mind space, it doesn’t go as well when you make those calls.

Right. Right. And that works too. I mean, it, you know, like I said, it’s going to, you know, that can be an option. I do. I bought two hours on this day and I need to tackle two things on my to-do list, whatever those are, you know, and I need to sit down and,

and make that list out. Cause right now I do have, I’ve been really good at tackling. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff, done. The website’s up, I’ve done all the promotional materials. It truly is now about brand awareness and I’m marketing. That’s truly what, where I’m at right now have gotten everything else checked off of the list, but it may be,

you know, that I do just make me a list of things that I need to do in the next, I need to do it by week. Okay. Go for it. I need to do it by week and sit down on Monday morning. And that’s typically what I do is I sit down Monday morning and, you know, write out the things that need to be done aside from,

you know, grocery shop ATB and Costco and right. But those now are turning into post for me or quick videos for me to use online of, you know, what I’m doing or taking a picture of everything that I just bought at the grocery store and why I bought them. So I’m trying to be intentional of utilizing all of those things as well to PR to really kind of show the realness of life like this.

Isn’t hard. And that’s one of my pillars is, you know, simplifying your life and simplicity so that can help promote that pillar of my business. So yeah, I mean, saying get on Monday and writing out a list of the things I actually did this morning. There’s three things on my to-do list. That’s I have it on today’s schedule. It may happen today.

Everybody at home with me today. Yeah. It may not happen today, but that, but you, you know, you’re already recognizing that there’s gotta be that flexibility for if everyone’s home then. Yeah. Maybe part of the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle is taking that time to be with family and doing some of the, those things instead. Yes,

yes. Yeah. So, but no, that’s a good idea as well. I think it just may give you more flexibility. Yes. Cause there are days that I do, I don’t want to talk, But there are plenty of things you can still get done that move your business forward. Yes. Whereas if you look at that, time-blocking you say I was supposed to call all these people and you’re not feeling it well,

that’s when you’re much more likely to fall into the scroll of Facebook or fall into your emails without purpose. Right. Or just go wander or clean out. I cleaned the oven, you know, we find those things to fill the space where you may have other activities that really would work. Yes. Okay. Yeah. One more thing that comes to mind.

You said you plan on Monday morning. Yes. What led you to do that? It, I don’t know. It just is kind of a natural thing for me. Sometimes I do Friday afternoon. I’ll sit down and do the week ahead. It just kind of depends on what Friday looks, looks like for me to be quite honest and activities with grace and you know,

if we’re traveling or what have you, but Monday, like I typically have my schedule set all the time. So I know when I’m training clients and know when I’m coaching clients. I know all of that. So when I sit down on Monday morning, it’s really looking at my schedule and where I can put things in my schedule. It’s kind of like the start of the week and I’m laying it all out.

It’s fresh. Whereas on Friday, I’m going to like, I’ve done a whole week. You’re tired, I’m tired. I don’t, I’ve done this. It’s great. I’m going to go spend some time with grace and or I’m going to go bake or I’m going to go, you know, make a grocery list or something. I call it mindless work some days.

Whereas think about it sometimes on Sunday evenings, if we’re not grace play sports. And so we’re in tournaments most weekends, but if we don’t, I don’t have a tournament Sunday evening. I usually come in and sit down about six or six 30 and I come sit in my office for about an hour and write out everything. But I’ve just found Monday morning,

I’m in the right mindset. I’m ready to work. I’m super motivated. It’s the beginning of the week. I just, I don’t know. I’ve just kind of found that Monday morning works well for me. Good. Yeah. I need to get like, I need to know like Monday morning though, I’m going to get up at 4 45. I’m going to go work out.

I’m going to get the, get everybody out the door. And then I get my shower and then I come into here and that’s my voice on my list. So I need to have that part of my day done before Monday morning, which I I’ve, I’ve got it. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re starting that Like, so it’s almost like that segment of your week is drag and drop every single week.

You’re dragging and dropping that same set of things that get you through the time slot where you’re making your list for the week. Yes. Yes. Every Monday it does not matter. Rain or shine, cold or hot. I don’t want to, where I want to, you’re going to get up. You’re going to work out. You’re going to get everyone out the door.

You’re going to shower and you’re going to sit down and make your list. And then the week begins officially. Yes. Yes. So that’s the plan. That’s how, that’s what we’re doing this week. We’re starting it this week. Scale of one to ten one. Oh, I have no clue that this will work 10. I know it can work and I know it will work.

How do you feel about that? Oh, definitely a 10. I know it can work and I’m like, if it’s going to work, it’s going to happen. Okay. Okay. So tomorrow morning you are going to get up. You are going to do your training. You’re going to get kids, family out. Yes. And then you’re going to sit.

You’re going to sit down. No you’re training. So you’re good to go. You don’t have to work out. You’re going to train. You’re going to come home, get everyone out the door and then you’re going to sit down. And the first thing that you’re going to do is start tackling that to-do list. Yes, but I have to work Out.

Oh yes, yes, yes. You’re right. You have to work out. Sorry. Work out then shower. Yeah. And then come in and sit down and do my stuff. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll train client, come in, get grace ready out the door. Keith goes to, goes to work. I’ll go get my workout in a quick workout,

whatever it may be. And then shower, get ready and come in and sit down and start tackling my to-dos. But like I’ve already made out my stuff for this week. I’ve already done that this morning. Yeah. Okay. So what are three bit, one or two, maybe three big things that you are going to accomplish this week. This week I need to get,

I’ve got to order new business cards. So I got the creative done for it. And it’s one of those things last week that just kept literally moving from day to day today and the creative is done. I just have to order them. So that’s easy. I know. Right? I don’t know why I’ve procrastinated. I get my new business cards ordered and then I,

for next week I signed up for some introductory Pilates classes. So I need to go in and schedule those for next week and make sure they’ll fit into my schedule. And then I am still, they job that I left. They contracted me to finish out any event that’s in April. So you still have some event work to Do so I still have some events at work to do so my email for them was not working last week.

So they finally got my email working. So I need to go into the office, my old office probably tomorrow and process invoices work on my layout. I need to do some event work tomorrow for my old job. So you are going to kind of contain it to that day, this week. Okay. So all the other days are for you and your business?

Yes. Yes. I feel like I can go in tomorrow and work for probably three hours and get a lot of stuff done versus, you know, an hour here and an hour tomorrow. It just, I hear it’s going to interrupt you, interrupt your flow with your business stuff. Yes. Okay. So really using that as a block, which aligns perfectly with what we were talking about in you wanting to start having some more blocks of time.

Yes. You’re going to shove it into a block and say, this is the spot it’s got. Yes. And this is all the time that I’m allowing for it. I’m going to get as much done as I can in that timeframe. And then I’m done and I’m leaving and coming home, working on my stuff. Okay. So this week is all about rhythm and finding that balance,

making sure that you’re taking care of yourself first and foremost and treating it as part of your business, that is what is necessary to be a successful business owner. You must do these things, including taking care of yourself. And then you’re going to have your to-do list, knowing that maybe there’s some flexibility. If you originally said you would do it on a Wednesday or a Thursday,

it’s okay. If it happens on a different day, you just want it done that week, That week. Yes. That way you have that opportunity to align more with where your energy is and what you’re interested in that day, how you’re feeling, all those kinds of things. Yes. I like that idea. You get better work out of it too.

You know, if you’re really in the mood to go design something, go with it, go with that kind of flow and get that kind of stuff done. Okay. I like that. And how are you going to follow up? You had a presentation last week. How are you going to follow up? So the presentation didn’t happen. My, one of my husband’s aunts passed away last week and her funeral was on Friday.

So I had to email them like at 4:00 AM on Thursday morning to say, Hey, I can’t do the presentation, but I would like to offer those who had signed up for the presentation, something. And they were super kind and, you know, sent their condolences and don’t worry about it. But for those who did sign up for my class, I do want to at least reach out to them and offer them,

you know, maybe two coaching sessions, you know, two 20 minute coaching sessions to ask me any questions they may have had. You know, I just, I felt really bad, but it was one of those things that was just, I couldn’t, I Couldn’t do anything About it. No I couldn’t. So I thought that would be a really cause I’m sure it was more about I did,

was talking about lifestyle movement and nutrition. And so I felt like some of them may have some questions or if there’s information they’re wanting or if there’s some guidance or something else, I felt like if I extended, you know, my apologies again, and I would love to offer those foods on it for my class. If I offered everybody two 20 minute sessions that would allow them the first session as to kind of get to know each other.

Give me the question. If I can’t answer it immediately, then we’ll have a follow-up call for 20 minutes. I felt like that was doable. Okay. So that’s, that’s what I’m also, I’ve got that on my list to do this week as well is to put that together, put together a Calendly sign up for everybody to use. And I’ll be honest with you that may actually you even more than a group presentation.

So although I wish last week had not gone the way it did, right. I think you’re turning it into something that could be really amazing because if you meet with those folks and you’re doing those two 20 minute sessions, you can also get testimonials. You can also start to refine your language even more based on what they’re asking about. What’s on what they’re unsure of.

So you have a lot of opportunity here to grow your side of things, not just to help them, but it becomes mutually beneficial. Right? And you might reach people who would not have asked a question in a group setting. True, true, but are now willing to dig in a little bit and you may end up with longer term clients as well.

Right. So that’s, that’s the follow-up from last week, so, okay. I think that’s, that’s great. How do you feel about that? Good. I mean, I think it’s, I really, I felt terrible about not being able to do it, but there wasn’t like, I couldn’t have sent my presentation and be able to do it or anything else.

And so if they have to your point, if they had specific questions about just nutrition or just about movement or something like that, then that’s something that we can just talk about with them. Maybe they are exercising and they just need a little bit of guidance on nutrition or vice versa. Or maybe it’s more of a lifestyle question or something like that. So I felt like that would still give them the opportunity to ask any questions or get any information that they wanted to receive and still,

you know, be able to give them some a little bit of time. So, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you have a lot planned, you’re going to follow up with those folks, put that Calendly link together to make sure that they have some choices to choose from, you know, as they sign up and really focusing on getting those business cards ordered.

Yes. Yeah. We’re asked to be placed. The creative is done. That’s The hard part. The ordering part is simple. No, I just don’t want to, I just haven’t made the time to sit down and do it. Yeah. Yeah. You are going to get those intro Pilates classes scheduled. Yes. Yep. You’re going to do your event work,

but you are not going to let it bleed into all of the other things in your week. It is going to be in this little box and it gets to stay in its box and that’s it. Yes, that’s it. Okay. It only gets so much time for me right now. So that’s what, that’s what I’m doing. You’ve got a great week planned out.

You’ve got a lot to accomplish. That will feel good. And it will help you move forward. Yes. I feel like it will. I feel like it it’s, I’ve got to figure out my rhythm and once I get my rhythm figured out, I think I will feel more productive, less anxious. So it it’s a win-win right. So those little things that we talked about,

but really the big thing is the rhythm getting into that routine of the snippet in the morning that helps you just set the tone for the rest of the day. Yes. I’m going to be what I love. That’s going to be my mantra for the next few months. Be what I love. There you go. I think that’s perfect. Well, thank you so much for sitting down with me today and exploring what what’s working and what still needs a little bit of tweaking,

you know, your one week, two weeks into The main number two. Yep, Yep. Into your full, full time entrepreneurial journey. And Yeah. Whereas my husband says I’m the payee and the pay or of my, of my income right now. So Yes you are. Well, it sounds like you have a lot of support and we’ve got some things kind of on deck here to think about and to work on and We’ll get it done.

Yep, Absolutely.

Tip for the Week

Isn’t that really interesting to think about the concept of rhythm and routine. You heard Julie sharing that she really wants to find that rhythm to her day. And so to help you stay on track this week, let’s end with a simple task that’s related to rhythm and routine so that you can stay focused as well.

Now, like I said, this week was all about rhythms. Finding your rhythm is a bit like enabling cruise control on your car. When you enable cruise control, you’re going down the highway, it allows you a little bit more of an autopilot approach. It takes some of the guesswork out of your trip and having a rhythm where a routine acts in the same way for your business.

It gives you a chance to work on autopilot just a little bit and take some of that guesswork out of your day. When you think about your day, what part of it would benefit most from having a rhythm or a routine? Julie mentioned that she really wanted to develop her morning rhythm that would allow her to get in the right mindset for getting started with her to do list and making sure that she’s still incorporating self-care right from the very beginning of her journey.

As you really think about what she shared, as you think about Julie and her commitment to finding a workable rhythm, I’d like to invite you to do the same thing. Think about what you could do this week to start creating more rhythm and routine in your day. And I’d love for you to take an extra step and share your ideas and tag me on Instagram at coaching hive and on Facebook at coaching hive life.

Now, if you’re really interested in what we’ve got going on here, I’d love to invite you into the coaching hive. You can always check us out www.coachinghive.com. And if you’re interested in connecting with Julie, you can reach her at http://yourfitandhealthylifestyle.com and on Facebook and Instagram via @yourfitandhealthylifestyle. 

I look forward to seeing you back here next week for another episode of the coaching hive podcast, where I focus on mentoring and community removes the overwhelm of building your successful coaching business and adds in a dose of momentum.

Until next time, have a healthy, safe, and happy week.

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