#191: Failed Digital Course Launch. Here’s What to do Next

Have you ever found yourself getting jealous as you read through social media because you want to post on social media that your course launch was a rousing success? You want to shout from the rooftops that you didn’t just get one sale, but you in fact got more than you planned for AND your audience has grown exponentially.

You’ve seen the posts that share that exact news, but when it comes to your launch all you can post is that you had low or no sales after months of effort, a course that is detailed and packed with valuable information, and you even spent money on ads that ended up costing you instead of adding to your bank account.

Now, what? Well there are two paths forward.

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#190: Why You Don’t Need a Virtual Assistant

Among the very first bits of advice you get as a digital course creator, or really as a digital entrepreneur, is to hire a virtual assistant before you think you need one. But hiring a Virtual Assistant, or VA, costs money and at the beginning or middle of your journey that might feel like a luxury instead of a necessity.

There are books telling you to Buy Back Your Time, how to hire a VA, and even what tasks you should be outsourcing, but let’s face it. That doesn’t work for everyone.

Today I’m going to share with you 5 ways to put off hiring a VA and they are all free! Now, you can go ahead and hire a VA, but I encourage you to consider these ideas first because they are certainly easier on your budget and don’t require you to interview anyone!

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#151: Guest Olivia Parkes: Building Your Business with Systems in Mind

Olivia Parkes, an entrepreneur & Fractional COO for dozens of online businesses ranging from $500k-10M/year in revenue, has create her own operations consultancy where she works with entrepreneurs to help them implement systems, build a team that takes the CEO out of the day to day & create a truly scalable business. In this episode she shares her tips and tricks to make business growth easier.

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#150: Mindset: 3 Steps to Experimenting in Your Business to Get Traction

What if you were to treat your business decisions like experiments? Would it be easier to commit to a decision? To try out a new technique or tool? What about a new offer? Experimenting will help you gain traction in your business because you are going to stay stuck in something that isn’t working. Let’s dig into the experimentation of business.

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#149: Mindset: 3 Steps to Goal Completion

Choosing the next step can send you into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn, but it doesn’t have to. You can create a mindset and approach so you can get your goals checked off. In this episode I’ll share my strategy for overcoming the freeze mode and getting things done each day.

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