#166: Guest Kelli Risse: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset Personalities


In this episode of the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, Kelli Risse, an expert in helping entrepreneurs break through stress and mindset traps, emphasizes the importance of aligning conscious and subconscious values to achieve greater focus, momentum, and profit in business. Kelli also debunks some misconceptions about stress and provides strategies to manage it effectively. She highlights the importance of breathing and mindfulness in managing stress and offers a deep dive session to help clients clear mental and emotional clutter.

Quick Show Guide

  • (00:00:00 – 0:09:01): Introduction to guest expert Kelli Risse, discussing stress and mindset in entrepreneurship, misconceptions about stress management, the necessity of some stress for growth, and its impact on personal relationships.
  • (0:09:59 – 0:12:56): Emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and internal work, followed by an introduction to various stress personalities including scattered, disengaged, and perfectionist types.
  • (0:15:06 – 0:20:39): Strategies for dealing with perfectionism, such as setting deadlines and accepting “good enough”. The segment also covers techniques for managing mental and emotional clutter, including intentional breathing and its role in stress reduction.
  • (0:21:59 – 0:24:49): Discussion on the effectiveness of a peace walk combining movement and breathing, and the benefits of journaling, meditation, and understanding the mind-body connection for altering brain patterns.
  • (0:25:28 – 0:28:26): Insights into the power of the unconscious mind, the difference between living at cause versus in effect, and ways to connect with Kelli for further exploration. This part also touches on the positive use of stress and finding balance.
  • (0:29:42 – 0:31:16): Conclusion of the session with gratitude expressed to Kelli, highlighting stress personalities, and inviting listeners to engage with Kelli for deeper insights.
  • (0:31:16 – 0:31:16): Final wrap-up of the episode, including closing remarks and a preview of the next episode.

Key Takeaways

  1. Aligning conscious and subconscious values can help entrepreneurs achieve greater focus, momentum, and profit in business.
  2. Some stress is necessary for excitement and passion in our work, but it’s important to find a balance to avoid becoming overwhelmed and anxious.
  3. Stress is often caused by our internal thoughts and beliefs, rather than external factors.
  4. Being aware of our stress personalities can help us recognize and manage stress more effectively.
  5. Breathing and mindfulness are important tools for managing stress and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
  6. Kelli offers a deep dive session to help clients clear mental and emotional clutter and manage stress in one day.
  7. Taking control of our thoughts and beliefs can create positive change in our lives and businesses.

Connect with Kelli Risse

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