#177: The 5 Reasons Your Digital Course Messaging is Failing and What to Do Instead

Spending hours, weeks, and even months perfecting your course and the messaging only to hear crickets when you put it all out into the world is scary. All too often we create messaging and course content based on a few conversations with our ideal client. We get those first few sales and then everything comes to a grinding halt. 

Today I’m going to share with you 5 reasons that this is happening and they all center around the word purpose. Having been in this exact position in the past and helped other course creators through this phase, I can share with you what makes a difference and it isn’t what you expect.

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#159: Unlocking Your Vision and Values: The Essential Foundations for Course Creators

In Episode 159 of the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, we dive into the foundational elements that can make or break your course creation journey: vision and values. Drawing on 15+ years of experience as a college psychology professor and course creator consultant, I’ll guide you through the essential steps to identify and align your personal and business values. This episode is a must-listen for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to establish a clear vision and value-driven roadmap for their courses or coaching business.

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#122: Vision vs. Strategy

When you are working inside your business, it is easy to get tunnel vision and miss the pathway that leads you to your vision. The strategy being explored can feel like a complete mismatch with your vision, but when you take a moment and step back, you might discover that the winding path the strategy takes you on is actually the fastest path to your vision.

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#121: Let’s Talk Money

Building a business comes down to money, but we don’t talk about money. It is a taboo topic as an entrepreneur. Instead we all smile and nod like everything is ok, even when it isn’t. Today is all about making sound financial decisions in your business and a process for making it easier.

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