#114: Build a Successful Business Without the Grind: Interview with Dr. Vic Manzo


Have you ever wondered if building a business could be separated from the word “grind”? Dr. Vic talks about walking away from a chiropractic business he wanted more for himself and his family. More time together, more flexibility, and more intention.

Quick Show Guide

  1. (00:00 – 05:00) Banishing Hustle Culture
  2. (05:00 – 9:15) Transforming Career Goals with Flexibility: Unlocking the Ability to Do More Good
  3. (09:15 – 13:42) Understanding the Power of Vision and Faith to Achieve Fulfillment
  4. (13:43 – 17:55) Using Abundance and Mindfulness to Overcome Fear and Stressful Thinking
  5. (17:55 – 22:18) Breathing Your Way to Billionaire Success: The Power of Controlling Your Mind and Emotions
  6. (22:18 – 26:48) Aligning Your Thoughts and Vibes to Achieve Quantum Leaps in Success.
  7. (26:48 – 31:18) Take the Power Back: Dr. Vic’s Tips For Achieving Success with Vision and Choices
  8. (31:18 – 34:25) Vision, Boundaries and Flow: Taking Entrepreneurs to the Next Level of Success

Key Takeaways

  1. Have faith that positive outcomes will happen.
  2. Find harmony between work and life.
  3. Shift from hustle culture to managing energy and time more effectively.
  4. Prioritize vibration and consciousness.
  5. Utilize the law of least effort.
  6. Develop an attitude of expecting good things to happen.

Connect with Dr. Vic Manzo

You won’t want to miss Dr. Vic’s offer to set up a clarity breakthrough call, access his books, listen to his podcast, The Mindful Experiment Podcast, and connect on social media. 

Check it all out on https://www.empoweryourreality.com/

Need a Transcript?

Full transcript available upon request. Please email [email protected]. We want to make sure that everyone can access this podcast in a way that works best for them.

One Response

  1. This podcast is so powerful I’ve had to stop it repeatedly to ponder these concepts. There are so many golden nuggets from how energy influences not just mindset but success to perceptions of failure and success and how to use that purposefully. Pivoting, personal power over thoughts, being intentional in making choices. Simply very impactful

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