#170: Planning for 2024 in Business

Planning for your business in 2024 isn’t as simple as setting a few goals and then moving forward. You need to make sure that in your planning you are taking into account your previous year, the goals that will move you toward your business vision, the strengths that you’ll use and the challenges that you need to plan around.

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#169: Reflect on Your Year as an Entrepreneur

Tired of being told that you need to have all of 2024 figured out before we even hit January? Does it make you feel frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed? What if I told you that a practice of reflection can ease the planning process? In this episode, I’ll walk you through a reflection practice that I use each year in my business.

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#168 Entrepreneur: Being consistent isn’t working

Using the wrong definition of consistency as an entrepreneur can keep you stuck and your growth nonexistent. The key is to shift your perspective in how you view consistency. In this episode we cover three core ideas around consistency and none of them have to do with a number!

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#167: Entrepreneur Flow: A Plan to Experience Flow

You need a plan to experience flow if you are going to build your business in the new year. The best and biggest leaps forward happen when you are tackling the meaningful actions in your business by balancing your skills and a level of challenge. I’ll share 3 steps to take if you are ready to get creative, building your business, and plan your next quarter.

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#165: Next Steps After Your Course Launch

Launching your course is a big undertaking and it can feel both exhilarating and unsettling all at once. You’ve created this resource that will help people and now it is hard to know what to do next. Today we will talk about what comes after the course launch and I bet you’ll see some similarities to high school science, but in a good way!

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