#131: The Power of Repeat: How Systems and Processes Boost Productivity

In this episode, we explore the game-changing benefits of creating repeatable systems and processes in your work or business. Discover how this simple strategy can elevate your productivity, free up your creative genius, and streamline your delegation to a virtual assistant. Tune in to start your journey towards efficiency and get a practical action step you can implement this week.

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#130: Rinse & Repeat: Build Your Business With Balance

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, we dive deeper into the importance of list building for entrepreneurs, discussing how a robust email list can safeguard your business, especially in unexpected situations like social media outages. Beyond just growing your audience, we talk about the need for balance between personal well-being and business health and how a rinse-and-repeat strategy in lead magnet creation can help keep your business running smoothly, even when you’re on vacation.

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#129: Create Your Lead Magnet in a Few Straightforward Steps

In this episode, we dive into the first of five steps to creating an effective lead magnet – choosing a topic and format that aligns with your target audience’s needs and interests. We explore practical techniques, from Google and social media research to choosing the right format that allows you to deliver the content swiftly and efficiently. Finally, we underscore the importance of delivering a clear ‘win’ for your audience, setting the foundation for a robust lead generation system.

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#127: List Building and Visibility for a Thriving Business

In this episode we explore the crucial role of list building and visibility in nurturing a successful business. We will talk about the importance of owning an email list, which is a stable and reliable connection to potential clients, distinguishing it from the volatile nature of social media platforms.

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#72: Coaching Hive Blueprint: Email is a Hidden Gold Mine

Although social media is all the rage these days, did you know that an email list is actually worth more? People on your email list have chosen to be on your list and stay there. They are more likely to purchase your services at some point. It is a hidden gold mine and overlooked opportunity.

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