#155: Guest Tracy Beavers: The Secret to Building Your Facebook Audience Without Paid Ads


During this conversation, Tracy shares several strategies to help entrepreneurs grow their business without needing to rely on major media exposure. Patience is important as it can take time to organically increase an audience’s visibility, but it is possible to build a strong online presence without investing in paid ads, adopting strategies that are not sustainable, or wanting to pull your hair out! Tracy shares some powerful ideas and I invite you to take it a step further and sign up for Tracy’s free masterclass. With the right strategies and dedication, anyone can successfully grow their business, regardless of media coverage.

Quick Show Guide

  • (00:00 – 05:56) Gaining Visibility and Growing Audience Without Paid Ads with Tracy Beavers 
  • (05:56 – 11:09) Maximizing Your Visibility With Limited Time and Resources 
  • (11:09 – 16:59) Optimize Your Facebook Profile to Achieve Maximum Visibility 
  • (17:00 – 22:15) Organic Strategies for Growing Your Business!
  • (22:17 – 27:42) Organically Growing Your Business: Leveraging a Facebook Group for Support and Results 
  • (27:42 – 33:08) Getting Through the First Years of an Online Business 
  • (33:08 – 38:18) Grow Visibility with Action – dial in your Facebook Profile Now! 
  • (38:19 – 45:42) Grow Your Email List and Gain Visibility with Tracy’s Masterclass! 

Key Takeaways

  1. Patience is key for organic growth of a business and audience visibility.
  2. Utilize colorful cover photos with effective calls-to-action.
  3. Personalize your online presence to ensure customers know who you are.
  4. Focus on building true engagement and providing support in Facebook groups.
  5. Patience is key for organic growth of a business and audience visibility.

Connect with Tracy Beavers

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Full transcript available upon request. Please email [email protected]. We want to make sure that everyone can access this podcast in a way that works best for them.

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