#124: Building Your Network: Choosing the Right Community for Your Business


Welcome to the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, where we are focused on creating good in the world by growing your business, and today we’re diving into the exciting topic of choosing the right community for your business. This is a continuation of last week’s episode (123), “Community Over Competition,” where we discussed the importance of community for course creators and entrepreneurs.

As a quick recap, we covered three key benefits of having a community: fighting feelings of loneliness, failure, and self-doubt, gaining access to essential resources and expertise, and opening up collaboration, referral, and client opportunities. Many of our listeners have already created a list of things that would be easier in their business if they had a community. So, in this episode, we’re going to discuss how to choose the right community for you and where to find it.

The Challenges of Community

Before we dive into the system for choosing a community, let me share a personal story. When I first started as an entrepreneur, I had no idea how important community was. As an introvert, I was pretty convinced that I could build my business without jumping into networking groups, forums, and masterminds. 

Today’s episode exists, because I was wrong. You always hear the quote, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” You hear it all the time because it is the truth.

When I was getting started, I knew I had limited time to devote to my business so why would I waste that precious time in Facebook groups or at networking events. Not to mention most in person events were still closed down due to the pandemic. Secretly, my introverted heart was happy that I didn’t have to feel pressured to show up to in person networking events, but I was wrong about how critical those connections are to building a thriving business. In fact, I move faster BECAUSE of those connections and do MORE with my limited time as a result.

Once I realized the importance of community, I jumped into several networking groups, forums, and masterminds. Some were part of paid programs I was completing and others were ones that I found.  But I just couldn’t find the right fit. It took a few tries and a lot of patience, but eventually, I found two communities of like-minded individuals who understood my struggles and genuinely wanted to see me succeed. These communities have been instrumental in my growth, both personally and professionally. So, trust me when I say it’s worth the effort to find the right community for your business.

Find Your Community

Now, let’s talk about the system for finding and choosing a community of support so that you can get there a little faster than I did! Based on what I’ve learned in all of my years as an educator in higher ed and as an entrepreneur, I recommend following these steps:

  1. Identify your needs: What do you need most from a community? Last week you wrote down the tasks, actions, and pieces of your business that would be or have been easier with the support of a community. Go back to this list. Is it emotional support, business resources, or collaboration opportunities that you are seeking? Be specific about your expectations. For example, if you’re a course creator looking for feedback on your content, you might want a community with experienced educators and instructional designers. On the other hand, if you’re struggling with marketing, a community with marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs could be a better fit. The fact that you might need both can be tricky. You might need multiple communities to fit your needs, or you might be able to find a community that can meet all of your needs. This is one of the things that I love about the Entrepreneurs in Flow membership that is launching in just a week. With 15 years of experience in course creation, a master certification in health and wellness coaching, and as a StoryBrand Certified Guide I can either help members with their challenges or help them find the right resources.
  2. Research your options: With your list of needs in hand, begin to look for communities online, ask your peers and fellow entrepreneurs for recommendations, or search for local groups on social media or event platforms like Meetup. Examples of communities for entrepreneurs could include Facebook groups like “Online Course Creators” or “Female Entrepreneurs,” LinkedIn groups such as “Small Business Network” or “E-Learning Industry,” or local entrepreneur meetups in your area. The key is to not limit yourself  just yet. This is a brainstorming process that should yield quite a few options. If you are part of any paid programs that have a community feature remember to include those in your research. As you are writing down ideas and finds, be sure to include what you think that will help you do in your business. What piece will they help you on?
  3. Vet the community: Now is the time to dig a little deeper. Just like you most often can’t walk up to a rack of clothes and just choose one that looks like it might fit and expect a perfect fit, you can’t just point your finger and hope for the best with a community. If you can attend events, engage in discussions, and observe the group dynamics do that. At the very least, make sure the community aligns with your values and goals. For instance, if you value a supportive and non-judgmental environment, pay attention to how members treat one another in conversations. If you’re looking for a community with a strong focus on accountability, check if they have regular check-ins or goal-setting sessions. The beauty of today’s online options is that there are many free groups as well as memberships out there that you can check out.
  4. Evaluate the commitment: As you are taking the communities for a test drive, consider the time and financial investment required to be a part of the community. Ensure that it fits your schedule and budget. Some communities might have monthly or annual membership fees like Entrepreneurs in Flow, while others could require a specific time commitment to participate in events, workshops, or group coaching sessions. Make sure the benefits you gain from the community justify the investment.
  5. Give it a try: When you have found a community that you’ve enjoyed observing or researching, go ahead and join the community and participate actively for a set period, such as three months. Attend events, contribute to discussions, and make an effort to build relationships. If it doesn’t feel right or you’re not seeing the benefits you expected, don’t be afraid to move on and find a better fit. It’s essential to find a community that truly supports your growth and helps you achieve your goals.

Action Item

Ok, we have a 5-part system for choosing the right community or communities as a business owner. But these steps are only as good as the action you take to implement them.

Your action item for this week is to research potential communities that align with your needs and goals. Create a shortlist of communities to explore and consider joining one that seems most promising. Remember, you can always reevaluate and make a change if it doesn’t work out.


To wrap up, finding the right community for your business may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end. The right community can provide invaluable support, resources, and opportunities that will help you grow both personally and professionally. So, start your search today, and don’t be afraid to try a few different communities until you find the perfect fit.

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And I will see you back here next week for another episode of the Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast, where a focus on mentoring, community, and implementation removes the overwhelm of building your successful and profitable business and adds in a dose of momentum. 

Until next time, have a healthy, safe, and happy week.

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