#189: 5 Actions That Create Success as a Digital Course Creator


Creating success as a course creator is tricky, but it is easier when we borrow other’s blueprint and successes. There is absolutely no reason you should have to create the wheel all by yourself. Being a success in business isn’t about being a one person island, it is about creating shortcuts by learning from what others do.

Now, you can do it yourself without anyone else’s help, but that would be like trying to climb Mt. Everest without a guide. Slow and likely unsuccessful.

Today I’m going to share with you the 5 things that made the biggest difference in my business so that you can steal them and shortcut your time to success and be sure to stick around to the end because I’m going to share with you how to amplify Action 4 so that it does not become a business liability.

The Best Actions to Take (What I got right!)

When you are building a business it feels like there are so many unknowns. There are countless sources of advice, but you never know what to trust and who to believe in because you don’t know if they actually work.

Today I’m going to share with you 5 different actions that have helped me to build a successful business and I’ll give you specific examples of what each means and how to implement them so that you can make the most of each action.

Action 1: Celebrate every little step and win

First up in actions to help build a successful and profitable business is to stop and celebrate every little step and win. And I do mean every little win. When I got my first sale our entire family had an impromptu dance party. And we still do that when sales come in.


Because as an entrepreneur wins don’t always come with regularity, it might seem like you still have a long way to go and honestly the added jolt of a little celebration can give you the momentum and motivation you need to keep going.

This is why we high five in the grocery store when a sale of one of my low ticket offers comes through. If you skip this simple action in business you run the risk of falling into a mentality of looking at how far you still have to go toward your goals. By celebrating you are looking at what you have gained in progress and can keep going more effectively and efficiently.

Action 2: Get regular help with messaging

When building a business one of the best actions you can take and something that I did within the first 3 months starting my business was to get messaging help. The truth is that even messaging experts benefit from getting another set of eyes on their messaging.

We are too intimately involved with our business and offer to see the holes in our messaging. We use industry jargon that makes sense to us, but when others who are less familiar with these terms hear them, they are left confused.

I see this happen all the time in well established programs. Words like funnels, email lists, and lead magnets might be familiar to you or they might be brand new terms that leave you feeling confused. The key isn’t to avoid the terms, but to know when to explain them.

Getting help with messaging also takes you out of the nitty gritty details of the offer and helps you use psychology to help people become aware not just of what they need help with, but in finding the right solution for them.

Action 3: Involve your family and support system

Another key action to take as a digital course creator who is ready to be a Six Figure Course Creator is to involve family and friends, whoever your support system is in your business. They don’t have to do any actual tasks, but invite them into what you are working on. Share with them the details, the challenges, and the successes.

The truth is that there are so many different moving parts to owning a business that you need to know someone has your back, even if that just means an encouraging word at the end of a long day.

Have you ever had a family member or friend ask, “How is your business going?”

If they have never owned a business, this is a likely question that will come up and can leave you feeling awkward, especially in the early years of business when you might be working to break even. It is hard to respond to those kinds of questions. Just get in front of it. Share the win you just had, the a-ha moment that you had, and the day that you took for yourself because you were exhausted. If you loop them in, they don’t have to ask the awkward question, “how is your business going?”

Plus, these people love you and want you to succeed. That is why they are your support system, whether by birth or by choice, lean into that support. We all do better when we have a helping hand.

Action 4: Experiment and pivot if necessary

This next action is a bit tricky because it can be the best thing that ever happens to your business or the worst thing that happens to your business and that is to experiment and pivot.

We all learned in middle and high school about the experimentation process. We have an idea and we test it to see what happens. With the results, we make adjustments and try again. This process of experimentation is what leads to discoveries, new ways of thinking, new products and offers, and most definitely progress.

That being said, if all you ever do is experiment and then pivot, you might not be giving anything enough time to take root and work correctly. You might accidentally get rid of an idea that has great potential because you are pivoting too quickly.

Remember how I said that this action can be the best or the worst thing for your business? I’m going to share how to make sure that experimenting and pivoting is a win for your business and not an epic fail in just a few minutes, but first I want to share with you the 5th action that is my absolute favorite for creating success as a digital course creator.

Action 5: Make calls and get connected

We’ve been talking about the best actions you can take for your business to grow and succeed, ultimately leading to becoming a Six Figure Course Creator. This fifth action is overlooked all too often because of the digital nature of business.

It is easy to fall into the trap of posting and hoping that someone will like what you are saying and then ask to work with you or purchase your course. The truth is that just like a brick and mortar business, we have to build genuine relationships. And this means talking to people, human to human and getting connected with them. Doing this more than feels comfortable is when the magic happens. Not every person you have a true conversation with will be a client, but some will, others will refer you to their friends and acquaintances, and still others will help you refine your offer so that you don’t attract them!

Action Item: Make a Change

This week in your business, take time to implement one of these five actions inside your business. Then add another. Some are a little easier than others, so start with something that feels light for you. You can ease into the more time intensive actions.

As always, the key is to do something different in your business. That is when growth happens, and when you can uncover a strategy that works.

Become a Six Figure Course Creator

Because growth in your business is all about strategy. But finding the right strategy, especially when you take into account the need to focus not just on magnetic messaging and course design, but on mindset and progress-driven learning can feel big.

This is something that I’ve been managing in my own business, with my students, and in my own college courses for over 15 years as a psychology professor, mentor, and entrepreneur.

One of the key things that I’ve learned is that we can’t just rely on learning to get up to that six figure mark as a course creator. The books, podcasts, courses, and workshops get us partially there, probably about 10% of the way there, but the other 90% often comes down to mindset work through 1:1 support.

If you are listening today and realizing that you are ready to take the next steps in your business and get 1:1 customized, tailored help with building your digital course creation business, let’s have a talk. Send me a DM at DigitalCourseCreatorGuide on Instagram or Facebook and we will sit down to figure out the next right steps for you and your digital course business.

Now I know that not everyone is ready for a 1:1 Coach or mentor, but you might still have questions, need help getting unstuck, or just plotting out your next step. I’m here for that as well, because we all deserve to have support in our business. If you need a little extra support, I hold at least two slots each week for strategy calls that are designed to help you get unstuck and take action in your business. These are free, no obligation calls and you can schedule your call at coursecalls.com.

If you are ready to make the next 12 months THE year that you go from being an uncertain Course Creator to a Six Figure Course Creator, schedule a strategy call today.

Sixty-Second Solution

Earlier in the episode I promised that I would give you some hints so that you can experiment and pivot without in a way that benefits your business and doesn’t tank your efforts.

Experimenting and pivoting in your business should be a regular part of your systems and processes. But pivoting too often or too fast can lead to a breakdown in progress.

What is the magic mix, then? The key is to gather enough data in your experimentation that you can see trends and identify what truly doesn’t work. Not just something that didn’t work one time. Look for the trends. Once you have clear trends, it is time to adjust or even to pivot.

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