#196: Too Many Ideas & Too Little Time: 3 Tips For Staying Focused on Your Course

The curse and the gift of being a creator is that you probably have a lot of ideas. That is a gift, because you can always create a new offer, adjust an existing lead magnet to better align with client needs, and write those stories that will engage your reader.

Sounds great, right?

It is, right up until it isn’t.

The swirl of ideas also means that you may find it difficult to focus on just one task, one offer, or one idea. The other ideas are crowding in and tempting you to shift gears to something else.

What happens as a result is that your tasks remain unfinished and your course remains un-launched.

You can keep up this half-finished way of building your business, or you can implement 3 tips for staying focused in spite of the never-ending swirl of ideas.

Which path will you choose?

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#195: Entrepreneurship: I think I want to Quit

I think I should just quit now.

That is what the digital course creator wrote in response to a comment on their post.

I think I should just quit now.

In the post this creator shared their numbers around their email list and conversion rates or sales rate for their course. They wanted some help to figure out how many people would need to be on their list to make a certain sales goal. That number felt staggering.

We’ve all uttered the words or felt that sentiment that maybe we should just quit before.

If you are nodding your head yes, I’d like to invite you to stick around for this unscripted, no holds barred conversation about what it means to be an entrepreneur and dealing with the doubts that creep in.

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#194: What comes first: Lead Magnet or Digital Course?

What comes first: Lead Magnet or Digital Course?

The question of chicken or egg comes up in every possible scenario, including whether you should have a lead magnet before you have your digital course or if you should just jump in with your digital course.

Most marketers will tell you that you need to go ahead and create a lead magnet so that you can build your email list while you then turn and build your course. This seems logical on the surface, but after years of watching this advice play out in the digital space, I don’t know it serves digital entrepreneurs well.

Would you rather have a lead magnet out there attracting an audience that isn’t aligned with your core offer or would you rather have a lead magnet that creates a solid stepping stone to your paid offer?

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#193: If You Build the Digital Course, Will They Come?

The digital world is a busy and noisy place, but when we publish our course we still expect people to come flocking.

But, we can’t expect someone to find our course without getting out there and raising awareness, helping others to see what impact it will have on their life, and what they have to lose if they don’t make a change.

In other words, creating a high-quality course doesn’t guarantee success.

So what does?

The list might feel endless, but what we really need is magnetic messaging and a commitment to mastering our mindset in addition to a solid course design and willingness to stay focused on learning and implementing only the things that matter.

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#192: Perfectionism is the Fastest Way to Digital Course Creation Failure

Building a digital course creation business is full of hoops to jump through, obstacles to avoid, and decisions to make.

Perfectionism is the single biggest saboteur of the entrepreneurial spirit and biggest indicator of potential failure as a digital course creator.

There are 3 beliefs that many digital course creators have that will lead to failure and they might not be what you think. Belief number 3 is a bit counter-intuitive so I’ll be sharing more on that one at the end of today’s episode to save you angst and time.

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#191: Failed Digital Course Launch. Here’s What to do Next

Have you ever found yourself getting jealous as you read through social media because you want to post on social media that your course launch was a rousing success? You want to shout from the rooftops that you didn’t just get one sale, but you in fact got more than you planned for AND your audience has grown exponentially.

You’ve seen the posts that share that exact news, but when it comes to your launch all you can post is that you had low or no sales after months of effort, a course that is detailed and packed with valuable information, and you even spent money on ads that ended up costing you instead of adding to your bank account.

Now, what? Well there are two paths forward.

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