#201: Digital Course Creation Toughness (Mental Toughness)

Course creation is a marathon not a sprint. Course creation is a long game.

We can apply any number of inspirational quotes or mantras to our digital course creation business, but that isn’t going to keep you warm at night.

The reality is that knowing course creation and the subsequent success will take time doesn’t protect us from the challenges that will pop up, the exhaustion and frustration that inevitably send us for the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream section at the store, or the bank account that doesn’t seem to have enough to cover our business expenses.

So what do we do to get through these times when we are busily working without seeing tangible proof of our progress? We have to develop a mindset that is realistic, rooted in the truth, and ultimately helps us to stay focused and taking the process step by step.

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#200: Entrepreneurship is About Persistence

“State of running a business with considerable initiative and risk” (dictionary.com). That is the definition of entrepreneurship. This definition is accurate. You have to show initiative, you have to assume the risk of creating something new, finding an audience who wants to purchase what you’ve created, and then deliver on what you’ve promised.

What I don’t see in this definition is the word persistence. And the truth is that persistence is at the foundation of every entrepreneur’s journey. It takes persistence to create something new, find the right audience, and then deliver on what you’ve promised.

Today, in the 200th episode of the Digital Course Creator Podcast, we are going to talk about the realities of persistence, the actions that can help you generate persistence even when you don’t think you have anything left, and also when it might be time to step away from something because the risk or cost is too high.

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#199: The Easiest Way to Record your Online Course Videos (Maximum Impact)

You have carefully planned out your digital course. You’ve mapped out the modules, the outcomes, the examples, and the resources. Which leaves you with the actual recording of your online course.

All too often this is where the dramatic music that you hear in horror films starts to play because course creators want their course to have an impact. But it feels impossible to know what to do when hitting record.

You can choose to stress over the best way to record your course, or re-record your course OR you can follow the three steps that I’m going to share with you today so that you can just get those recordings done and out where your students can learn from your wisdom.

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#198: Creating a Digital Course that Engages: Regardless of Attention Span

Today’s topic is a little controversial and completely practical all in one nice serving. 

So what makes today’s topic practical? We all want our students and clients to finish the digital course that we have painstakingly created, assembled, and sold. We want them to succeed and eventually become a case study for our business in addition to experiencing the change that we promised. In order to do that we have to make sure our course is engaging. We are going to cover three ways to make your course more engaging.

This doesn’t sound controversial, except it is, as I found out in a live stream training I provided this week. I made the comment that attention spans aren’t necessarily shrinking so we do not need to be worried about that when creating our courses. And one listener said that we would need to agree to disagree on that. So down the bunny trail I went into the research and that is where the controversy comes in.

We are going to talk about not just 3 ways to improve student engagement, but also how that completion rate might be impacted by attention span, or not.

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#196: Too Many Ideas & Too Little Time: 3 Tips For Staying Focused on Your Course

The curse and the gift of being a creator is that you probably have a lot of ideas. That is a gift, because you can always create a new offer, adjust an existing lead magnet to better align with client needs, and write those stories that will engage your reader.

Sounds great, right?

It is, right up until it isn’t.

The swirl of ideas also means that you may find it difficult to focus on just one task, one offer, or one idea. The other ideas are crowding in and tempting you to shift gears to something else.

What happens as a result is that your tasks remain unfinished and your course remains un-launched.

You can keep up this half-finished way of building your business, or you can implement 3 tips for staying focused in spite of the never-ending swirl of ideas.

Which path will you choose?

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